About me ♥

Hai everyone,

Playin with PS, bein a real diva and Queen (as my bf calls me :-p), havin fun on sl,
explorin and making this blog worth lookin at ;-) thats what i try to do.

If u have any questions or anything u would like to share u are free to contact me inworld.
My name is Shauniii Resident.

This is the first pic i made when i started hangin on sl again and decided to make this blog.
It looks already a lil bit more noobish but i still love it :-D

I wanna thank everyone who supports me and makes me happy in this life and also in my real life.
They say true friends are hard to find but i found em for sure ♥

Shauniii Resident ♥


  1. trisloveschips24 July 2013 at 18:47

    And she happens to be Rad at it ^__^